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Google Summer of Code 2019

Welcome to the SCoRe Lab Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2019 project ideas page. We are a dynamic and enthusiastic nonprofit research group pioneering in Internet of Things (IoT), Embedded Systems, Computer Security, Software Tools and 'Wireless Adhoc and Sensor Networks' and is one of the best groups in South Asia. This is the 4th time that we are participating in the GSoC, we will use this page to develop possible project ideas that have on the above mentioned areas. Please note that anyone who is interested can participate in this process. You do not have to be a GSoC student or mentor to suggest possible project ideas. You can also talk to us about possible project ideas and we are happy to improve or heip you with them. Please keep in mind that projects need to be realistically something that is able to be functionally completed by a student working full time for about eight weeks. Thanks!

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Important Guidelines on Submitting Ideas

There are some important guidelines to submit ideas, please read these carefully before adding your ideas;:

  • There is a fixed time period for implementing and coding your ideas.
  • Come up with attainable goals and you will be able to complete what you set out to do. You can always contact our mentors and community and get an idea about the workload and whether you might be able to complete them.
  • You are free to come up with your own ideas. The ideas should be about Internet of Things (IOT), Embedded Systems, Computer Security, Software Tools and 'Wireless Adhoc and Sensor Networks’. Also if you love to work on any of these subjects but do not have an idea you can always contact us.
  • Lets Talk! The best way to solve problems that you might have is to contact our mentors and also our community. This will help you to not get bogged down in your ideas and to move on.
  • We encourage you to do documentation so that we can keep track of your progress and also help you if things are not going according to plan. Although not compulsory we have a strong belief that this method can cut down your time to code and also the workload of the mentors drastically.

Project list for GSoC 2019

  • Shifting Bassa codebase from AngularJs to higher version of Angular 6

    Bassa is built with AngularJs, Python, Flask, Gulp, Bower and more. RIght now, we are on AngularJs which is not much supportive. So we want to shift the whole codebase to higher versions of Angular, supposed to be 4/5/6. So the things we want to bring with Angular is that;

    • TypeScript support
    • Mobile Support
    • Codebase improvement
    • MVC is good than directive, components but Bassa codebase is much intended to directive, components

    Expected Results: You will start with changing the basic layouts, understanding code structure and other front-end things. At the end of your work, we expect you will be able to change the ¾ or complete front-end to Angular Directive and Components.
    Required Knowledge: AngularJs, Angular 4/5/6(any of these), Python, Flask, MySQL
    Possible Mentors: Nirmal Sarswat, TBA

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