May 25, 2017. | By: Admin

Drone for Dengue (D4D) is a system for detecting dengue mosquito breeding sites via drone images. Public Health Inspectors (PHIs) in Sri Lanka are facing a problem of identifying certain mosquito breeding sites since they cannot easily reach places such as roof gutters, overhead water tanks, inaccessible rooftops and cement materials which are capable of retaining water.

Due to the retention of water in the aforementioned sites for a long period of time, those places tend to be full of lichens. In general, lichens are visible in dark color. This characteristic helps to identify prolonged water retention areas. With the rapid advancement of technology, the drone has been created as one of the most cost effective apparatus to capture the places that a human cannot access.

This system processes images captured from a drone to identify possible sites where stagnant water may retain and highlights if such areas are apparent within the image.

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